October 9, 2020

Simraceway - Official Kart Track Guide

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Ryan Norberg


Ryan's three main focal points to being fast around the Simraceway Karting Track:
1) Pay attention to the elevation. Don’t be deceived by the increased grip because of increased elevation on entry into the corner because almost all the corners fall away on exit
2) Focus on a late acceleration and make sure the kart is straight. This will reduce the amount of slide on exit of the corner
3) Make sure the kart is straight before jumping the curbs in the Tic-Tac-Toe section to reduce bouncing off of the curbs


Simraceway Kart Track set in the beautiful Sonoma, California is a track that seriously challenges karters of all levels. Join 4-Time Pro-Tour Champion, Ryan Norberg, as he walks drivers through how he finds the fast line to turn fast laps and conquer the tough elevation changes at the Simraceway Kart Track.


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    Simraceway - Official Kart Track Guide

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