April 14, 2023

Athletic Development Planner Pt. 3: Self-Evaluation Tools

Mike Semenza


Athletic Development Planner Pt. 3: Self-Evaluation Tools Image

Coach Mike, Blayze head soccer coach, is back with the final part of the athletic development planner series. In part one, we talked about what this planner is. In part two, we spoke about how you can go about filling it out.

If you haven't watched part 1 or part 2 yet we highly recommend starting there.

Many athletes we work with use this exact development planner. Whether they're an MLS player or a youth soccer player at the recreational level, this template is for anyone.

In our final segment, we are going to talk about how beneficial the self-evaluation section is and why you should continue using the planner throughout your career.

Example of Using Self-Evaluation


We are going to look at an actual athlete’s development plan as an example of a success story and how this can be beneficial for you. This player set the beginning of the week goal to break into the starting lineup before the end of the week as a central midfielder for their game.


A filled out version of the Athletic Development Planner


We can see how this athlete laid out his week strategically so that he's doing something every single day. You can also see how he allocated and focused his time to help him achieve his goals.


If we look at the end of the week’s self-evaluation, he was able to break into the starting lineup for the team's game. He attributes his success to being attentive and focused on his technical ability in training.


You can see he had team training sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. He said that because he focused so much on his technical ability in those trainings, he was able to accomplish his weekly goal.


But remember, we've got the second page that gives us a little extra insight into what that athlete did that week.


How to use the second page of our planner


We can go through and look at how his team training session, his individual training session, and how his self-care stood out to him that week. He also has a nice daily note:


“I'm exactly where I need to be. Keep working.”


That was a note he left as a reminder to hold himself accountable all week to accomplish his goal.


Remember, it is important to assess your development opportunities weekly to ensure they are creating the impact you are hoping for. If they are not, you need to make a note of it so you can adjust your activities for the following week.


Why Should You Continue to Use This in Your Career?


This athlete now has a plan that he can copy and paste into the next week that will help keep him in the starting lineup. He can go through that entire schedule that he laid out in the planner, and he can do the exact same week of training.


Or he can set a new goal for himself the next week and build off his accomplished goal. This was a successful weekly plan for him. He was successful as a player, he was attentive in training, he was focused on his technical abilities.


The self-evaluation section provides you with honest insights into how you see your performance. It lets you reflect on where you can improve or what led to your success for the week.


Use this section to summarize your weekly progress


Your development planner becomes little hints and insights to you on what works for you or what doesn’t. Not everyone can take the same approach to become a better passer, a better shooter, or a better player. Everyone is different.


This planner is built for trial and error. Go through a week and test it out. Maybe one week doesn’t work for you. You can identify the part of the plan that did not help you accomplish your weekly goal. You are now able to create a different plan with a different focus.


You can continue to do this for years and years as you grow and improve on different skills. The development planner can be used by any player, at any age, and at any level.


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