November 16, 2022

Game Day Weekly Prep Work

Mike Semenza


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Planning for the Week

Use a calendar to keep track of your days and prep work. Check out this Athletic Develop Planner

Team Training

When you plan your week, start by identifying what days you have team training. Team training is the best time to ask your coach questions to understand his expectations for you or the team. Follow your coach’s instructions on how to best play against your opponent.

Individual Skill Work

On the days you do not have team training, schedule time for yourself to work on individual skills. To continue improving your individual skills and athletic abilities, you should schedule a time to train during the week on your own. Individual skill training is a great way for players to build confidence on the ball. Simple skill drills like juggling, passing against a wall, or dribbling in an open field can help sharpen your ball-handling skills.

Physical and Mental Preparation

Next, move to your physical and mental preparation plan for the week. Focus on how you will take care of your body and make sure your mind is ready. Try 10 minutes, a few times a week, to focus on a good stretch for your entire body, foam rolling, or taking an ice bath.

Or maybe you are feeling like you need to do some strengthening sessions or some core exercises to keep your balance and coordination sharp. Think about your nutrition and hydration for the week. Make sure you are drinking enough water, replacing lost electrolytes, and eating healthy meals to help your body work and recover properly.

Do not forget about your mental training either! Some players learn from watching live professional games or re-watching their own games on film. Others might enjoy learning from YouTube videos, educational books, or podcasts with pro players and coaches. Meditation and visualization are also popular ways for players to experience mental clarity and readiness for competition.

Routine for Game Day

Finally, plan out any “routine” you think might work best for you on game day. Top athletes the world over have specific routines they follow every game day. Try different plans and assess how you feel going into the game and how you played. Check out a great example game day plan here.

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