Sierra Enge

Soccer coach

Blayze Coach Sierra Enge
Blayze Coach Sierra Enge
Blayze Coach Sierra Enge


  • Based in San Diego, CA
  • 6 years coaching experience

About Sierra

I am a professional soccer player for the San Diego Wave. I started coaching when I was 18. I do both individual sessions and team sessions and am passionate about helping people achieve their goals. My coaching style is detail oriented and dynamic. I focus on building the basics technically and build into game realistic situations and decision making on the ball. I specialize in coaching defenders and midfielders but have experience working with all positions.

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Meet your dedicated coach and discuss your goals over a live, video intro call.

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Common Questions

  • Are you able to help my child during off-seasons and during season or is one better than the other?

    One is not necessarily better than the other. In the off-season there might be more time in your child’s day to add in our additional sessions. However, during the season we can focus on skills and techniques that can be implemented in games right away. I would recommend working together throughout the whole year. This would lead to the most significant improvement in his/her game.

  • My child struggles to translate practice to improved gameplay. Can you help them with improving actual in-game play?

    I can help improve actual in-game play through focusing on relevant and game-like techniques in our sessions and through analyzing game film. I like to focus on drills that translate easily into the game. For example, if I am working with a midfielder, I will have them scan their shoulders and tell me how many fingers I am holding up. This helps them see pictures in the game more easily and teaches them to check their shoulders. Additionally, by reviewing game film we can set intentions to implement these techniques and skills into their future games.

  • Will working with you conflict with my child's teams coach?

    Working with me will not conflict with your child’s team coach. In our sessions, we will be focusing on technical improvements to allow your child to perform better. Our sessions should complement the full team sessions well. I will never argue or push back on what a coach says. Instead I can help your child improve on areas the coach has identified in his/her game.

  • My child wants to get recruited to play in college, can you help them with this?

    I certainly can help answer any questions your child may have about the process and share helpful tips. I can also help improve your child’s game to give them the best change to perform well on the field and get recruited. For more serious, elite players I like to focus on very specific aspects of their game that can make them 1% better and stand out amongst the crowd. This can be very helpful for college recruiting.

  • My child is trying to make the team, can you help them ahead of tryouts?

    I can definitely help them ahead of tryouts! We can work together to identify key improvement areas in your child’s games. Our sessions will be tailored toward those focus areas that will not only show on the field improvement but will also help to increase their confidence. Tryouts are an opportunity for your child to show off his/her best qualities. I can work with your child to improve weak areas of their game as well as further refine their strengths.

  • What skill level players do you coach?

    I coach players of all skill levels. Throughout my coaching career, I have worked with players who have just started playing the sport and with elite high school and college athletes who are looking to get better. I enjoy working with all levels!