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71% of athletes found Blayze as or more effective than in-person coaching

*Based on a survey from general Blayze athletes who have worked with their coach for 2+ months.

I’m really enjoying Blayze and amazed I get to work with a professional player, Cassie Miller! Her game video feedback on my game performance was so helpful and never in my wildest dreams think I would get this level of support at 14!

Aubs McLin

Soccer Player

Coach Mike has been an amazing coach not only for soccer practice and game strategy but also in other important aspects for our growing young adults. He helps my daughters build confidence, tactical skill sets, and guides them through thinking positively.

Anna Enerio

Soccer Parent

Extremely professional. Very precise, thorough and accurate feedback. Hands down, the best coaching session I’ve ever had.

Rolando Saca

Amateur Athlete

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Frequently asked questions

  • Who are the coaches?

    We believe the only way to learn is to ensure you are working with the very best coaches in the world. We founded Blayze with the goal of making it more affordable and accessible for anyone to learn personally from those coaches. So, when you come to Blayze for coaching you can be sure that you will be working with the best minds in sports coaching. Most of our car racing coaches have competed in IMSA WeatherTech, IndyCar, and more. Not only have they competed at the top levels but they also have a unique ability to communicate complex and technical things in a way that is easy to understand and actually make the changes you need!

  • What experience level drivers do you coach?


  • I'm a wheel to wheel racer, can you help me improve racecraft and laptimes?


  • Can I select a specific coach?

    Absolutely! You can select any coach you want to work with or if you need help we can select one of our world-class coaches for you.

  • I just do track days, are you too advanced of a coach for me?


  • Can you coach me if I drive at tracks you may not know?


  • Are you able to help me with planning and preparing before and between track days or races?


  • Can I upload my data?

    Yes! When purchasing a data analysis session you can upload your data files from any data system. When uploading please include your video (if possible) and upload all data files from your session. It also helps to let your coach know what data system you are using.

  • Are you able to look at my data as well as my video?


  • How do I know if I'm ready for a Blayze coach?

    When you work with the very best coaches they will tailor their coaching to your experience level. So, it doesn't matter if it's your first day on track or you have been competing at the SCCA Run Offs 20 years, our coaches can help you! Perfect for drivers in any type of car, experience levels, and racing types.

  • Where should I place my camera?

    The best view for our coaches is where the camera is behind the driver looking out the front of the car so we can see your hands and the track ahead. If you can't do that, then putting the camera as close to the front and middle of the car looking out ahead is best.

  • Can you do a coaching session during my race weekend?

    Yes! You can schedule same day turn around sessions while purchasing your coaching session. Just select your option and click the same day turn around option. After purchasing you can select the date you wanted to schedule it for.

  • Do I need a specific type of camera?

    You can upload video from any camera system! No data overlays are needed, even video off a phone or go-pro camera will work. Of course, if you have more advanced cameras with data, like an AIM Solo, that is great and our coaches can work with that!

  • How long until I receive my coaching session?

    Our coaches aim to turn around coaching sessions within 48 hours.